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Update 3.1.0
 fulsayyan •   about 1 month ago •  90

UPDATE LOG 12/01/2021
MinerManic version 3.1.0

1.18 compatibility 

Updates Performed:

  • updated to 1.18 waterfall protocol on all 4 bungee servers
  • updated Geyser protocol on all 4 bungee servers
  • updated floodgate protocol on all 4 bungee servers
  • updated viaversions on all servers to enable 1.18 compatibility.¬†

Desired Effect:

You can now join our servers, and play zombie manic, or any of our other games with a 1.18 client, in either java or Bedrock!

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1.18 update compatible
 fulsayyan •   about 1 month ago •  74

We are now compatible with 1.18, in both bedrock and java versions!

server updates to 1.18 will follow shortly over the next week or so!

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1.18 update announcement
 fulsayyan •   about 1 month ago •  83

Today is the day that 1.18 is released, however as you are all aware,

We utilize Paper which is a fork of spigot, itself a fork of the standard version of server software.
We are still looking into potential timelines, and do not yet have a definitive answer as to when this will be updated.

we will release update announcements as we have them, and announce the updates of our servers when they have updated.

During this time, you will still need to utilize the 1.17 client to connect to server, until via version updates to allow for the 1.18 protocol which usually doesn't take too long. 

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Update 3.0.17
 fulsayyan •   3 months ago •  114

UPDATE LOG 11/07/2021
MinerManic version 3.0.17

Full network update

Updates Performed:

  • Updated multiple back end settings and plugins
  • Updated to the latest pyro fishing, and mining
  • Updated Luck perms messaging to redis
  • Removed Discord SRV
  • Removed Discord SRV based channels in discord

Desired Effect:

We will be switching to per server chats, and removing global chat. at this point there is no reason to support it.
Singular server chats will be no...

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 fulsayyan •   3 months ago •  114

Map Submission by InfiniminerAlex, Farmhouse is a revamp of the original! with bigger and better design, this remake will invoke memories for original zm players, and awe new ones alike! Select Farmhouse 2 in the map voter on zombie manic to play this new map!

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