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Welcome To Miner Manic!
To join our community, please login or register in game using the /register command from the lobby

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Server Connection Update
 fulsayyan •   17 hours ago •  5

In order to help streamline and allow for easier connections:

We are updating the servers Domains:

For all connections you can still use:

For Java Connections you can now also use:

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Server Restart Schedule
 fulsayyan •   1 day ago •  7

This is the Official Server Restart Schedule:
All Times are in Eastern US time zone & UTC

| Eastern Standard Time (EST)  | Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) | Server Being Restarted.     |
| 2:25 AM                      | 6:25 AM                          | (UNRELEASED)                |
| 2:30 AM                    ...
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Update 3.0.14
 fulsayyan •   2 days ago •  4

UPDATE LOG 10/25/2021
MinerManic version 3.0.14

Zm Update

Updates Performed:

  • Zombie Manic has now been pushed live to all 4 servers. zmus1 and zmus2 are now back to being the main servers.

Desired Effect:

Bonus points if you get me to turn them all on at once.

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Update 3.0.13
 fulsayyan •   3 days ago •  8

UPDATE LOG 10/24/2021
MinerManic version 3.0.13

Zm Update

Updates Performed:

  • added a custom resource pack the the zombie manic server
  • Updated the menu gui to add a loot chest viewer, so that you can see what items you may find around the map
  • fixed a bug preventing the server resource pack prompt from showing up
  • Ensured that now directly points to the zombie manic queue. If you do not get in using this ip, please use
  • Added custom items to zombie manic via Items ...
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UPDATE 3.0.12
 fulsayyan •   4 days ago •  8

UPDATE LOG 10/23/2021
MinerManic version 3.0.12

The Website Update:

Updates Performed:

  • Website updated to version 2R12
  • website plugin updated to version 2R12
  • website discord bot update to version 2R12
  • added /commands to the discord bot for /verify
  • Privatized the verification process, so no ones bugging other people when they register. 
  • Updated Geyser to the latest version released last night (Now bedrock clients can join again)
  • Updated Floodgate to the latest version released ...
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