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Fluxes can be found when mining specific ores. There are currently six different tiers of fluxes. Ranging from Common to Exotic and Hellstone.
Fluxes can also be added and removed accordingly using the flux.yml file. You can add your own fluxes here if you so wish to. The plugin comes with two in each tier as default.

Gemstones currently have two uses. One of these uses is being sold to the mine market for money. These prices can also be configured in the config.yml file. Gemstones can also be used when purchasing augments. (See below). Gemstones also have a "quality" to them. Meaning you can get different qualities which influx the prices depending on the values in the configuration file. The quality tiers include:
  • Ruined;
  • Badly Damaged;
  • Damaged;
  • Worn;
  • Pristine.
Gemstones can have their prices and their quality multipliers configured to your personal liking if you so wish to change these to better suit your economy.

Zeta can be obtained when mining from breaking ores. The better quality ore you break, the more Zeta you will earn. You can use Zeta when upgrading passives. (/mine passives)

Mining Level & Skill Tree:
You can earn XP towards your mining level by breaking ores as well. Passives require a specific level in order to purchase and unlock them, you can check this in the (/mine passives) interface.
Skill points will be used to increase perks in the plugin, such as increasing Zeta gain and or increasing the maximum number of passive slots you can have active at one given time.

Oracles can be summoned using Charged Oracleite. To obtain this, Refine some Mysterious Dust to get Uncharged Oracleite. Then mine the appropriate amount of Diamond Ore that it specifies and right click on Emerald ore to summon the boss. Please note that these bosses should most likely be fought with end-game gear and with friends if possible.

A complex system that allows players to craft and use custom enchantments on their pickaxes only. This system is used in conjunction with the new Artifacts and Fossils system. This alone will give your players 300 to 400 hours worth of content to just max their pickaxes. These come with boss fights, thralls and requiums!

Artifacts & Fossils:
The newest addition. These drop randomly from mining any block. You can obtain rare loot from these in the plugin and in vanilla minecraft such as diamonds, emeralds and pre-silked ores. These are used to also obtain Fossils that can be used to craft Vessels.

  • Fluxes. (Orbs you can find when mining certain ores which can then be sold to a mining market.)
  • Gemstones. (These Gemstones will have more features in the future. They can currently be sold to the mining market as well.)
  • Rune Dust. (Gained from Refining 'Mysterious Dust' in a Refinery. Used to summon Rune Guardians to earn runes.)
  • Refinery. (A multi-block structure that allows you to grind Mysterious Dust down into other useful items. See the spoiler on how to make one.)
    Spoiler: Refinery
  • Runes. (You get these from killing Rune Guardians. You summon these with Rune Dust by clicking on Redstone Ore. Runes are like a custom currency and used to unlock things / use items.)
  • Zeta. (This is the custom currency for mining, this is currently used to upgrade passives. You can get Zeta from breaking ores when mining.)
  • Singularity. Kill Rune Guardians to harness their power and upgrade skills to aid you on your journey throughout PyroMining.
  • Vessels. (Custom Enchantments for pickaxes)
  • Artifacts and Fossils (Unique drop tables that rewards players for mining.
  • Mining Level & Skill Tree. (This is used to spend skill points on perks, such as increasing your Zeta gain or the maximum number of passive slots.)
  • Oracles. (These are end-game bosses that you can fight using Oracleite. These Oracles will drop items that can increase your maximum passive slots and other mining related things.)
  • Messages.yml (The plugin allows you to customise literally everything and GUI related stuff. Please note that I will support things as I go. Everything won't be available straight away.)