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Claim Creation

A player can create claims in two types of modes.


A 2D claim creates a claim by AREA (X and Z). It creates the claim from bedrock (lowest block point) to sky (max Y level 255) in the world you are in. This mode is the most user friendly as it doesn't require the player to worry about block height or other players claiming above or below their claims. By default all players default to this mode.


A 3D claim creates a claim by VOLUME (X, Y, and Z). It is the same as 2D except it respects the block height from your selections. This mode is ideal perfect for subdivisions (child claims). For example, if you wanted to create a building with floors you could use this mode so the height is respected.
Note: To switch to this mode, use the command /cuboid or /gd cuboid. To exit back to 2D mode, enter the same command.

Basic Claim

A basic claim has the following capabilities

  • 5x5 size restriction in 2D mode. 5x5x5 size restriction in 3D mode.
  • Can be sold, rented, or transferred to another player.
  • Requires claim blocks.

Note: Use /basicclaims or /gd mode basic to switch to this claim type mode.

Subdivision Claim

A subdivision claim has the following capabilities

  • 1x1 size restriction in 2D mode. 1x1x1 size restriction in 3D mode.
  • Can be sold, rented, or transferred to another player.
  • Requires no claim blocks when created by owner.

Town Claim

A town claim has the following capabilities

  • 32x32 size restriction in 2D mode. 32x32x32 size restriction in 3D mode.
  • Requires claim blocks.
  • Supports basic claims inside.
  • A creation limit of 1 which means you can only create 1 town by default.


Golden Shovel

You create claims with a golden shovel (item can be changed in the configs), which can also change claim size and position. Remember there are commands to switch claim type and mode, /townclaims/basicclaims/subdivideclaims!

  • Creating a new claim: Right click at two points to mark the corners
  • Resizing a claim: Right click once in an existing claim to see the markers. Right click on a corner block and then again on a different position to move that corner.
  • Cancelling operations: Putting away a golden shovel without completing an operation cancels all actions

The shovel can also be used to subdivide a basic. To switch to that mode, use /claimsubdivide. Both main claim types support direct child claims (subdivisions) - Town,  and Basic.

Wooden stick

Basic tool, you can use it to indicate the position of claims, and identify who the owners of the claims are.

  • Right clicking shows existing claim locations
  • Shift right clicking searches for all claims in a 100 block radius and shows their location
  • Left clicking hides the markers


Claim Display Names

Claim display names are not unique and used for display purposes only.
They allow a player to name their claims anything for commands such as /claimlist.
To set a claim display name, use the command /claimdisplayname <name>


Run /claimgroup with no args to launch GUI
The following tabs are available


  • Shows player claim groups you have created.
  • Clicking the claim group will show all claims joined to the group.
  • Claim groups will be listed in alphabetical order

To create a claim group, click the + sign and enter a name for claim group.
To remove a claim group, click the - sign and enter a name for claim group.
To join a claim group, stand in the claim you want to join then click the JOIN button next to the claim group.
To unjoin a claim group, stand in the claim you want to unjoin then click the UNJOIN button next to the claim group.
Note: Unjoining a claim from a group will cause the claim to use its local permissions.

Command Examples

  1. To create a user claim group called tech
    /claimgroup create tech
  2. To join the claim a player is in to claim group tech
    /claimgroup join tech
  3. To join a claim with identifier stronghold1 to claim group tech
    /claimgroup join tech stronghold1
  4. To unjoin a claim a player is in from claim group tech
    /claimgroup unjoin
  5. To create an admin claim group called event
    /claimgroupadmin create event

Claim Settings

To get general information about claims use /claiminfo while standing in them. Hover over things to find various details you can change directly without entering any commands. There are also commands to change the claim name, greeting, and farewell.

Claim Entry Control

Allowing other players to access your claim

You can give other players access to your basic claim using the trust commands, e.g. to give your friend "Applehead" building permissions to your claim just run /trust Applehead.

Require trust for players to enter claim

Toggle the user flag definition player-enter to false

Once the above is done, non-trusted players will not be able to enter your claim.

To allow entry for all users /at public

To allow entry for a single user /at <playername>

To remove entry for all users /untrust public

To remove entry for a specific user /untrust <playername>