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Welcome To Miner Manic
please login, or register in game using the /register command from the lobby
Welcome to Miner Manics rules page!

Miner Manic exists as a community, and we expect all of our members to adhere to this. We respect each other and the staff on this server at all times, which is included but not limited to:

* No name calling
* Do not instigate a fight
* No dick swinging (no one cares what you did before you got here, show us you can do it here)
* Everyone Has a difference of opinions, if you disagree do so politely and don't be rude.
* NO RELIGIOUS DISCUSSION including but not limited to recruiting and general discussion.
* No Homophobic or Xenophobic remarks or comments, (popular use of the term "that's gay" is acceptable)
* Plain simple old fashioned cussing is allowed as long as it's not in excess
* No Griefing unless its on anarchy
* No Swastikas, or other offensive builds
Discord Server Rules:

With the addition of discord to our community, we operate similar to the overall Ember Syndicate discord, however we do have special rules that reflect the general minecraft population here:

* No advertising
* Register your discord username to your in game minecraft account
* Please keep conversations to appropriate channels and do not spam
* Do not ping staff or admins directly for assistance, please utilize the correct channels

Punishment: Breaking any of these rules will result in a temporary ban for 30 days.
Anarchy Rules:

There are no rules for anarchy as far as playing the game server goes, Feel free to grief and attack other players freely, 

Please maintain a bit of respect in chat for others, flat out name calling others, as well as foul language slurs or any other breaches of our chat policy can still result in a ban, Play dirty, Don't talk dirty.

Punishment: Breaking any of these rules can result in a temporary/permanent mute