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Discord Username::Fulksayyan#9622
Hunger Game Deaths:8
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Total ZM Damage:1075.0
Total ZM deaths:94
Total ZM First Bloods:4
Total Human Kills (zm):8
Total Kills in ZM:17
Total Losses in ZM:11
ZM Matches:24
Total Wins In ZM:14
Total Zombie Kills:9
Tower Defense Coins:1805
Tower Defense Enemies Spawned:0
Tower Defense Matches:2
Tower Defense Coins:15
Tower Defense Kills:840
Tower Defense EXP:2056
TD next rank in exp:2542
Tower Defense Rank:13
Tower Defense Towers Built:26
Tower Defense Towers Sold:1
Tower Defense Tower Upgrades:10
Tower Defense Wins:2
Parkour Rank:Newbie
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Latest Posts:

UPDATE LOG 4/06/2022
MinerManic version 3.3.6

survival pve update. 

Updates Performed:

  • Added new Dragon Slayer Feature to survival
  • added a 25 brain prize for slaying the dragon
  • added 2 more dragons than normal (over 200% increase in death)
  • Added timers for end reset and dragon respawn to the scoreboard
  • Remodeled the scoreboard to look like its in fashion
  • added some pizzaz in the survival spawn

Desired Effect:

we want to encourage survival play, without making future users suffer, no longer will the dragon be a one time kill, it will be 3 dragons that must be killed to reset the end, or at least 1 to claim the dragon slayer title. 

Update 3.3.6 about 1 month ago

UPDATE LOG 4/05/2022
MinerManic version 3.3.5

Survival update:

Updates Performed:

  • Updated Pyro Mining
  • Updated Pyro Fishing Pro
  • Updated All background plugins where needed
  • Updated survival pve to 1.18.2
  • Added Karma
  • Added toggle for scoreboard (/sb toggle)
  • Added the foundation to start creating player quests
  • Added a couple of background plugins for survival Dungeons
  • Reviewed and pushed the loot crates for our survival dungeons (Dungeons are not live yet)

Desired Effect:

we are just polishing off some of survival with the addition of a few things meant to help you out when playing. this update is intended to not only provide updated information for you as a player, but also to prepare the server for the release of Survival Dungeons. starting off with the Admin Base Dungeon. More to come as far as that is concerned later. 

Update 3.3.5 about 1 month ago

UPDATE LOG 3/06/2022
MinerManic version 3.3.4

Zombie Manic Update

Updates Performed:

  • Added all classic maps to Zombie Manic US1 - 4
  • Resource Pack Is Now Mandatory on us1-4
  • Updated Zombie Manic to 1.18 
  • Updated loot tables for the loot boxes
  • Added Spawn Shrines for Zombies (moves the spawn closer)

Desired Effect:

Zombie Manic is now 1.18 and contains all of the OG maps, plus the new ones. for a limited time ZMUS1-4 will allow for vote selection ZMUS1-4 will require the use of the resource pack or you will get the boot. ZM5-7 will not require the resource pack. but will exclude some maps.

Update 3.3.4 3 months ago

UPDATE LOG 3/5/2022
MinerManic version 3.3.3

Redundancy Update

Updates Performed:

  • Cloned the Lobby onto 2 other servers
  • Added the 2 servers to each of the Bungee servers
  • Installed Multi Lobby
  • Configured a 25 second ping for all lobby servers, with auto fallback
  • Updated Party And Friends

Desired Effect:

No More will players be affected when the Lobby restarts or goes offline, with 3 separate lobbies on 3 different nodes, we are now ultra redundant! 

Update 3.3.3 3 months ago

UPDATE LOG 2/19/2022
MinerManic version 3.3.1

Economy addendum

Updates Performed:

  • Linked Creative to the economy, Plots now cost 50 Brains, Merging costs 75, and selling will give you back 50 Brains
  • Linked zmcr to the economy, Plots now cost 5000 Brains, Merging costs 1000, and selling will net you 1 brain back

Desired Effect:

By linking the creative and zmcr worlds to the economy and enabling the plot econ, we are ensuring that everyone can start a plot from the day they join (new players start with 50 brains) as well as define the difference between creative and zmcr. ZMCR is meant for map builders, and players with alot of money, if you are a map builder with an approved map, you are automatically granted a free plot in zmcr. 

remember with the costs low, we are still monitoring the economy for needed changes. 

Update 3.3.1 3 months ago
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