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Welcome To Miner Manic
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Major Release Survival Update 3.3.0
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9 months ago

Welcome to Miner Manic Survival 3.0

Miner manic survival has changed a bit, we have balanced out the economy some, by lowering the amounts of money, (Knocking off a few 0's), removing the baltop command to remove the competition and leaderboard of the economy (lets focus more on our mini game scores, or the time we spend in server, and our timed ranks).

Our Survival server will be transitioning away from economy based. hence the following removals: Jobs; Slimefun; advanced enchants; advanced spawners, and all of the slimefun addons. We have however kept Pyro Mining, and Pyro Fishing, while lowering the amount of xp, and the amount of money you can obtain from these plugins.

Player Vault amounts, timed rank bonuses such as extra set homes, and any listed bonus of timed ranks will stay. 

While survival will still pose great ways to earn money, between fishing, and mining, as well as real estate, buying and selling between each other with chest shops, and more! You will find our focus will turn more towards PVE. including hidden world events, and other fun activities. We will include a world map that can be viewed, which has encouraged our next decision:

all pvp will be turned off on the survival server, and it will become a full PVE server.


Upon spawn in the new 1.18 generated survival world, you will see a small spawn city close by, that offers plots for rent, and sale, ranging from 2000$ in game to 365$ and ranging from 1$ a day to 5$ a day depending on location. for plots that are rented, you will have 30 days to ensure you pay your bills before the plot becomes available for a wipe. this means as long as you log in at least 1ce every 30 days, You can keep renting a city plot. If you would rather buy one outright as long as one is available and you have the funds please feel free to purchase one.

there will be a tax of 10% on all plot rentals, sales, and purchases- The Server Bank will keep this cash


The economy on all servers has been reset, and is now linked, a dollar earned in the lobby is a dollar to spend in Island Games, Survival, ZombieManic(Feature Coming Soon), MiniGames lobby, So on so forth. all the servers are linked in economy, In order to ensure proper usage the /kit daily has been added to the lobby server where usage will pay you 20$ a day. and to the minigames lobby where you can earn 10$ per day. DONT FORGET TO USE /KIT DAILY ON SURVIVAL AND ISLAND GAMES AS WELL.


Votes will now be counted and sent to all servers in the network, where vote rewards will follow:

Lobby: Mystery Dust to help purchase things for your pet

Minigames Lobby: Mystery Dust to help purchase things for your pet

Survival: 2 vote crate keys

Island Games: 2 vote crate keys

Anarchy:  varying rewards

Zombie Manic: to be announced.

Tower Defense: 100 TD coins.

Top voter every month will earn a new Deluxe tag


The biggest difference between survival and anarchy will remain that anarchy is a hostile world developed to kill you, with no world protections, and absolutely no way to avoid or turn off pvp. the server is still the original 1.15 world that it started on, and has been updated to 1.18 so expect world degradation. but who cares, its just gonna burn anyway. expect a future update for this server that enhances the pvp experience and desire to play. 

We hope that by slimming survival down and removing almost 20 plugins from it, (while retaining around 52) joined with our current and future attempts to rewrite certain plugins into our own, that we will be able to provide a faster, and easier to use server. 

the three biggest plugins that control our experience are Pyro Mining, Pyro Fishing, and MCMMO. believe it or not, everything else (all 49 other plugins) is background support, and things that allow us to expand the experience in a subtle and not so obvious way. A lot of these plugins help us provide that signature Miner Manic experience.


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