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about 1 month ago

UPDATE LOG 10/24/2021
MinerManic version 3.0.13

Zm Update

Updates Performed:

  • added a custom resource pack the the zombie manic server
  • Updated the menu gui to add a loot chest viewer, so that you can see what items you may find around the map
  • fixed a bug preventing the server resource pack prompt from showing up
  • Ensured that now directly points to the zombie manic queue. If you do not get in using this ip, please use
  • Added custom items to zombie manic via Items adder.
  • Added a new special mechanic to Human deaths, that will benefit zombies. 
  • we made the damn pig do a step. 
  • we made the Zombie do a step.

Desired Effect:

Since the last update focused on fixing the backend and the mechanics, this update focuses entirely on polish. making zombie manic even more custom and unique than just a plugin we built. Now with a custom resource pack your gonna be blessed with new designs, and new features, new mechanics. and all sorts of fun things.  Please ensure that you either direct connect using, or when you add the server ip, you ensure that server resource packs are set to enable.