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Discord: Fulksayyan#9622
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about 1 month ago

UPDATE LOG 10/23/2021
MinerManic version 3.0.12

The Website Update:

Updates Performed:

  • Website updated to version 2R12
  • website plugin updated to version 2R12
  • website discord bot update to version 2R12
  • added /commands to the discord bot for /verify
  • Privatized the verification process, so no ones bugging other people when they register. 
  • Updated Geyser to the latest version released last night (Now bedrock clients can join again)
  • Updated Floodgate to the latest version released last night
  • Updated Website to be more in sync with placeholders, and added more trackable placeholders for leaderboards

Desired Effect:

Fulk Make shit look pretty............